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Discover the Sporades islands. It is a chain of Greek islands in the azure Aegean Sea. On these pages, you can choose an ideal hotel for your stay on the Sporades islands. Some resorts are all-inclusive.
Skiathos is famous for its pine forests and sandy beaches. Both contemplative and active persons will find here a fulfillment of their dreams. Walking routes through unspoilt natural landscapes, sport games, beach activities and night life or relaxing on sunny beaches far from crowds and observation of the nature may be chosen. There are old fortresses, churches and monasteries on the island. You can visit also the museum of the Greek writer Alexandros Papadiamantis, who was born and raised here. Local hotels provide you not only with accommodation in luxury suites or cheaper rooms but also with services of beauty centers, use of fitness rooms and rent of helicopters or yachts.
Alonissos island keeps the only Marine Park in Greece and protects an endemic seal specie. The hotels of the island create a family atmosphere and organize hiking, diving and snorkeling excursions for ideal holidays.
On the Skopelos, the popular film “Mamma Mia” was shot. Charming white beaches stretch along the coastline. Surely, there are Hellenistic and medieval ruins, byzantine churches and the folklore museum here. The level of hotels varies from 1 to 5 stars.
Skyros is a place from where Achilles sailed to Troy, and the island has been keeping its unique architecture, traditions, ponies breed and sea carves with stalactites as well as archaeological and historical monuments.
Each of the Sporades islands can be reached by ferry or by airplane from Athens. A ferry trip lets you admire sea landscapes and breathe fresh air.
These places make you happy during all the seasons.
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